At JDS Consulting Group the best way to predict your future is to create it – together.

After location – SYSTEM, SYSTEM, SYSTEM!

As a business consultant, the number one question that I get asked is “how can I increase my business?!”  Whether it is a franchisee or an independent operator, the answer is most often the same—by following the system!  If you are a franchisee, make sure you are following the system that you purchased.  If you are an independent operator, make sure you implement a step-by-step Purpose Driven Integrated System (PDIS).  In the case of franchising, there is (or should be) a “proven system,” which allows a franchisee to utilize an established brand, operating system, and marketing & distribution system that is in alignment with their core purpose.   Independent operators, however, usually have to create their own system, which is typically developed after years of trial and error, and hard knocks. A faster and less expensive option for the independent operator is to contract with a consultant to design a custom-fitted PDIS to define, grow and sustain their business.


Many years ago, I learned a very valuable lesson following a catastrophic business mistake that could have easily been avoided.  The company I worked for at that time purchased an existing chain in a market that was new for us.  It was our practice to purchase larger groups of existing stores—mostly successful, but with varying degrees of “improvement opportunities.”  This particular chain was once a highly-reputable organization but had been neglected for several years, and despite its market dominance it quickly began to lose market share due to its increasing mediocrity.  Convenience was still a strong suit, due to the number of locations, but customer service, quality, cleanliness & appearance, equipment and marketing had dwindled drastically.  A complete turn-around and conversion was exactly the breath of fresh air that was needed to turn this group around and get it growing again.


In order to speed up the process and reduce investment cost, it was decided to short-cut the turnaround portion of the process, and simply focus on the store conversions by changing the signage and making minimal brand changes.  Also, a marketing campaign to promote the new ownership and “grand” re-opening would launch the meager conversion effort.  Customers flocked in, excited for the change!  The success of our efforts was imminent, and praise flowed as we all patted ourselves on the back for executing such a quick turnaround, and with such a minimal investment of time and money.


Unfortunately, the so-called success was very short lived, as within 60 days store volumes plummeted to below the pre-conversion numbers.  Both customers and employees saw the promise of change, but when they received the same old thing, they felt they had been lied to and taken advantage of. Ultimately, they realized there was only an external change and some offhand marketing effort, but no internal change, which meant there was no real change at all.  Many of the customers left out of frustration and disillusionment.  Several quick fixes followed, each failing worse than the plan of the month before it, until the region was finally sold a few years later for a fraction of the initial purchase price.


Even after the sale, the blame game continued and excuses abounded for the collapse, until finally, a “blameless autopsy” was conducted, and the true failures were revealed.  Deep down, everyone knew the ugly truth—we could have affected positive change if we had addressed the foundational issues, and then stair-stepped business growth in a strategic and progressive manner.  Instead, we side-stepped our company purpose, ignored our team member & customer promise, and completely neglected our system for success.


Don’t take shortcuts in your success.  Either you have already, or you are in the process of investing a lot of time and money to grow your business.  Avoid wasting that time and money by following or implementing a system for success to build a business that you and your team are proud of, and that will provide a sustained return from everyone’s investment.


A Purpose Driven Integrated System is a strategic process that can be implemented into virtually any new or existing operation for improvement and sustained business growth.  It breaks down in this way:


Purpose Driven:

A clearly identified purpose provides a guiding, empowering, and inspirational compass for your company’s core purpose, and drives the daily mission.  Not to be confused with mission or values, which deals with the “what,” “how,” and “where” purpose deals with the “why.”  Purpose is both individual and collaborative, by maintaining true north for the individual and for the team.  Purpose is a constant, where business goals, strategies and missions will change based on business need.


Integrated System:

Simply stated, an Integrated System is a set of interacting or interdependent components forming an integrated whole that is far greater than the sum of its parts.


When you lead with the why and combine the core elements of what, how and where you arrive at a Purpose Driven Integrated System, which is the new benchmark for business growth and sustainability. So, when clients ask me “how do I increase my business?!”  My answer—by following the Purpose Driven Integrated System!

At JDS Consulting Group the best way to predict your future is to create it – together.

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